Jeffrey Levy – Purpose, Focus, and Practice

In Purpose, Focus, and Practice: The Life, Lessons, and Legislation of Joyce Cohen, Jeffrey Levy keeps the memory of Joyce Cohen alive to offer inspiration for young women to get involved in politics.

Joyce Cohen was an Oregon legislator, responsible for legislation in social and environmental issues. In her personal life, she practiced Tai Chi, which helped her late in life after she suffered a stroke. Her purpose, focus, and practice kept her active and overcoming life and professional challenges.

When Joyce got involved in politics, looking to be recognized and to stand out in a male-dominated environment, she adopted her style and outfit.
Joyce wore a suit, bow tie, and a masculine-style haircut.

These iconic elements of her distinctive appearance create a powerful image for the cover, using only two graphic elements.
The pink color in the bow tie is a reference to the pink used in the women’s march hats, reflecting how far feminism has come through recent decades.
The typography is clean, easy to read, and round to reflect Joyce’s direct style during her mandate as legislator while at the same time reflecting her feminine side.

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