Book Cover Design

What visual language does your ideal reader speak?

A book's cover is more important than its text.

An engaging and eye-catching book cover design is the key to grabbing a reader’s attention and getting the sale.

It doesn’t matter if a reader is looking at your book in a bookstore or scrolling on their phone while waiting for their coffee; to achieve its goals, the book cover has to speak the same language as your reader.

Color, typography, shapes, pictures and wording need to blend into an irresistible message for the reader to pick up your book.

Knowing your ideal reader and their goals and motivations is vital to creating a winning book cover.

Print or digital book cover design. I have you covered.

Every author has a different motivation and needs and goals for their book that are going to influence the design.

Despite the motivation or interest that moved you to write your book, my goal is to make you feel the same every time you see your book as you felt when you decided to write it.

Creating a book cover goes further than creating a visually-appealing design displaying the title and author’s name.

Thanks to my background in advertising and marketing, I craft your book cover design with the goal of maximizing sales and awareness, and maximizing its potential as a marketing tool.

Print and digital book covers require a different approach. They are going to live in very different environments and the potential readers are going to approach them in different situations.

Print book cover

  • The traditional book that you can touch, hold in your hands, hold open while reading on the beach, or leave on top of the table in your favorite coffee shop.
  • The first contact your readers will have with a print book will be when they find it on the shelf at the bookstore, surrounded by other books.
  • The cover has to stand out from all the books around it, has to be easy to read and has to move the potential reader to action.
  • The book cover, spine and back cover must work as one. That is why I conceive the design as one piece integrating the three parts.
Digital book cover
  • The book that lives on a screen.
  • A digital book cover is going to appear across multiple screens in different sizes and devices.
  • Readers need to be able to read at least the title of your book on every screen they interact with. If your readers can not identify the book, how are they going to buy it?
  • Creating a file with the right size, resolution, ratio, format, etc. is vital to ensuring optimal visualization and moving readers to put it in their shopping cart.


See some examples of my work:

Jeffrey Levy

Author of Purpose, Focus, Practice

Antonio has a keen eye for contemporary layout. When I suggested different options, he generously provided possible versions that often demonstrated his initial design choices were the right ones. His work was timely and I was especially pleased with the results for the front and back covers of the book.



Jeffrey Levy

Shannon Ansbaugh

Author of Bucket List Safari

Antonio was creative, patient, and understood my vision of the cover, interior and graphics from the beginning. He was very flexible with refining the images to get them just right. I will highly recommend Antonio to anyone looking for design work.

Shannon Ansbaugh

Deborah Mourey

Deborah Mourey – VP J Marbles Inc and Mourey Consulting and author of An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work


I couldn’t imagine my book project without Antonio’s experienced and creative eye. He took my words and brought them to life. My manuscript was not only on time and on budget, but I keep getting comments about how the book’s design is perfect for my target audience (especially the brain with the hearts inside!)

Deborah Mourey

Rebecca Pillsbury

Copywriter, & Ghostwriter for Conscious Entrepreneurs

I have used Antonio’s services for logo design and social media artwork for my upcoming book. His creativity and out-of-the-box thinking made him stand out in a crowd of designers. He has also advised me on social media marketing strategies and blogging tools. His suggestions and expertise have led to a significant increase in readership and engagement on my site. I highly recommend Antonio and look forward to using his services again in the future.

Rebecca Pillsbury
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