About Me

Hola, I am Antonio Garcia, an internationally-experienced book designer based in the Pacific Northwest.

When you see a copy of your book, I want it to spark the same feeling inside you that moved you to begin the journey of putting your story into words.

I enjoy working with non-fiction authors and entrepreneurs who use their books as marketing tools to expand their professional opportunities.

I have worked in the design, creative and marketing industries for over 20+ years in Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.A. Throughout my career, I have worked with top multinational advertising agencies, multinational corporations, non-profits, startups, entrepreneurs, you name it. My experiences have led me to understand the needs of every client and develop creative solutions to their needs, staying within budget and maintaining the brand’s voice and target audience. Thanks to my background in advertising and marketing, I understand the business and sales components of book publishing and bring that knowledge into my design work.

In my personal sphere, I enjoy photography, fountain pens, latin dances, and the beautiful outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

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