Charlotte Finn – When Nowhere Is Home

In When Nowhere Is Home: An Adoption Story, Charlotte Finn shares her experience adopting a Guatemalan girl in the 1980s. Over time, the tragic story behind the adoption system and trauma CharlotteĀ“s daughter went through before and after she was adopted was revealed. Despite being a love story, it is a dramatic story of trauma and mental and emotional challenges, but still retains hope for the future.

The book cover is based on a photograph taken by the author during one of her trips to Guatemala, and is used to express the mood–the feeling of not belonging anywhere–and the cultural aspect of the story. The original picture shows an empty, cloudy, and grey street in a small village in Guatemala.

Some colors have been added based on the most common colors in Guatemalan culture, while staying within melancholic shades. A solitary girl, walking towards the light at the end of the street, brings the main character to our attention and humanizes the experiences shared in the book.

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