Mizinga Melu – Braving the Odds

In Braving the Odds, Mizinga Melu shares her story of sacrifice, hard work, and success and how she went from growing up on a farm to reaching the position of CEO for an international bank. Mizinga is a self-made African woman who has broken the glass ceiling, holding positions where it is unusual to see a woman, and even more unusual—an African woman. In this book, Mizinga shares her story of overcoming cultural, educational, and professional challenges by following her own path.

Due to the serious nature of the banking industry and her high profile position, the book’s design needed to keep a professional and respectful aura and yet show Mizinga’s human side. To create the book cover, we went through a process in which we evaluated different poses, outfits, colors, personal complements and scenarios to transmit the exact concept we wanted to achieve. This process involved working with the photographer and marketers to create an intercontinental collaboration.

Learn more about Mizinga Melu at mizingamelu.com

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