Deborah Mourey – An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work

With An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work, Deborah Mourey shares what she has learned about the workplace, job searching, and pursuing meaningful work.

Deborah has gone from the traditional “boomer” job world to the new “millenial” and “Gen Z” build-your-own-life path, based on social media and the gig economy.

As a result of her experiences, pivots, and adaptability, now she is sharing her journey and tools on how to find meaningful work – with millenials and Gen Z in mind.

Keeping a gender- and cultural-neutral design was one of the requirements of this book project, along with the need to speak to the target audience of a young, authentic generation. Vibrant orange was picked for the cover, with the universal icons of the brain and the heart mixed together, representing a thoughtful and heart-centered approach to finding meaningful work.

For the book’s interior layout, each chapter includes a customized header and every section integrates a clever use of typography, margins, and symbols to distinguish between case studies, exercises, and more.

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